ICM504 – Information Animation, a/k/a “ActionScripting”

Even though this blog has been dominated by my ICM501 Intro coursework so far, I am actually taking other classes. I will be posting about them here as well.

One of the classes which just started last weekend was ICM504: Information Animation, with professor David MacCarella. I admit that I was quite surprised when he told me that we were going to be learning ActionScripting in his class. Actually, ‘surprised’ doesn’t quite cut it. ‘Mortified’ was more the initial reaction, followed by a slight case of ‘awed’. I mean, I just got done with a failed stint as a creative recruiter. I know that ActionScript is one of the ‘advanced’ technologies for the web, and I also know that a designer who can learn it has just doubled their salary for freelance gigs, at any rate.

There’s a little saying I learned when I first took Drawing 101 in Community College. “You don’t take a class for what you already know, you take a class for what you need to learn.” I decided not to stress out about the class, but instead just get right down to business and try by damnedest. I mean, I might not end up with any sort of proficiency in this scripting skillset, but I do know that this is the technology on which much of the future of Rich Internet Application development will be based. I may not need to master it, but I gain much in the way of respect just by understanding the fundamentals of it and being able to communicate with the actual bona fide genius developer-types.

Then again, I don’t give up the hope that I’ll suddenly become a scripter-savant and just take off with the technology. Either way, it’s going to be an interesting class. And I’m just happy to have a class where I don’t need to worry about writing more papers this semester. Although I have to admit — I harbor absolutely no illusions that writing lines of code will be any easier. On the contrary, this is one class where I am going to have to work, and work hard, to make any sort of progress.

We’ll see. More about it as the class develops.


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