ICM508 – Media Imaging and Sound Design

Video. Digital Video and motion graphics editing, as well as sound recording and design. All on a Saturday afternoon. Professor John Tanski teaching, and the rest of the class already starting to develop connections with each other. Or maybe it’s just that there are some familiar faces from my other classes, and we’re starting to recognize each other around campus.

I’m looking forward to this class as being my one ‘fun’ class of the semester. Not to say that the other courses aren’t enjoyable simply from the act of learning. But rather, this is one class where I’m not so concerned. I’ve got a pretty decent eye for composition already, I take certain artistic elements into account. I need to work to translate them again to the camera lens, but I think that I’m going to actually enjoy the work and production time that goes into this class.

In many ways, any one of the courses that I’m taking this semester could (and has!) unlocked tons of business ideas and hinted at new perspectives that really rearrange the old gray matter upstairs. I’ve said it before to my friends, this program hasn’t so much opened my mind’s doors but rather blasted them off the hinges… and it’s only the third week of classes. Undergraduate studies for me were a lot of coasting, a couple of epiphanies, and general academic programming. But not a connection like this. Before I was in school for the community and the social aspects of it. I needed to connect with peers and work out the interpersonal aspects of my social development more. Now… now it feels like the lid has been gently unscrewed and the data dump has begun. Not a mind scramble, but lots of little connections between past experiences and future applications.

And I have to admit, I love the way that every course interconnects. I’ll walk away from this semester having taken a broad survey of the history and current topics of interest in the field of Interactive Communications from my Intro course, ICM501. I’ll know how to code or at least speak to coders intelligently when talking about ActionScripting from ICM504. This class will allow me to shoot my own digital film and edit for content and music. And ICM512 seems to be aimed at teaching me about the concerns and considerations that need to be taken in order to correctly guide the development of any online project.

I can’t wait for next semester. If I stay in the Connecticut area, I might just take a couple of classes beyond graduation if they’re topics of interest and potential use.

The video will be fun, if only because as I get my homework done, I’ll be sharing with you, gentle readers, any of the work I do. After all, it’s not only a blog, it’s also a portfolio!


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