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Another assignment this week was to select an RSS aggregator and add four blogs to it. I added the whole class (at least, everyone linked to the page on introinteractive’s facebook entry) so I could peruse what my worthy classmates were doing without having to flip through different web pages or keep referring to a central list of bookmarks (much as I like, I’d rather just read something gmail-esque and manage my subscriptions that way.

I haven’t poked around too much more, although I did add the required four blogs. Please rest assured I’ll be delving into this wonderful tool much more when I get a new computer (soon!) and restore home internet access. Yes, I’m running around back and forth from friends’ houses and the school campus just to do my reading homework. It’s getting old.

However, I did add a Xinet User’s Group run by my former supervisor. For those who don’t know about Xinet, I’ll be happy to evangelize for you in person, but it’s a web technology solution which has been around for a while now and making life wonderful for those companies who’ve decided to install it. Data Asset Management is just the tip of the iceberg. Just check out their site.

The user’s group is a subscription-service blog meant to allow different xinet users to keep in touch and stay on top of the latest tips and tricks for the technology. Also to foster a community, because there’s some pretty amazing stuff you can do with Xinet. If you’re interested, you have to work through a reseller, so I’d recommend contacting Kenny Kirsch as part of NAPC. Tell him I sent you.

I also added a couple of other blogs. One about Flex development for Adobe’s new development tools for applications, (if I’m recalling correctly… I chose this one to get back up to speed on Adobe’s latest and greatest, especially now that I’m learning how to code ActionScript.) Another for a friend of mine, (although he’s been ‘under new development’ for a while, when he gets back up and writing I want to be alerted to it).

There was one more about different examples of online short films using Flash, And of course, Zeus Labs as well. Just starting to stretch the RSS wings, trust me. Just waiting for some time to indulge my curiosity. If anything is going to enable us to ‘go beyond the minimum’ in Alex’s ICM501 class, Google Reader and the RSS aggregator (combined with the Technorati blog search engine) will be it.


One response to “RSS aggregator

  1. exploringinteractivecommunication

    I love flex development. I read up on it every day since I am addicted to adobe.

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