Working the system

The buzz word back in the late 90’s when I entered the workforce for real was “networking”. Curious enough, for ICM501 we just had to read a paper by Ronfeldt and Arquila about Netwars and networking among our terrorist enemies of the state.  One of the positive outgrowths of assembling a network of individuals with whom you are acquainted across industry boundaries means that there’s going to be some times when you can pull rabbits out of your hat just because you know the right people.

I know some people who know people.

And this time, I’m working the system to try and arrange a guest speaker from Adobe, Inc. to come up from their Manhattan office or else telecommute in for a session sometime in October or November. The purpose? Get the industry leaders at Adobe on campus and talking about their products and platforms, and in doing so recognize the leadership potential of the Master’s Program here at Quinnipiac. 

I still have to talk to Rich Hanley, chair of the department, to make sure that the idea is kosher. But I reached out to my old supervisor and interactive tech friend Sam Moore from TracyLocke. Back in the day, I was part of a group that was invited by Adobe to come down and talk about how Flash was going to be repurposed after their then-recent acquisition of Macromedia to enable application-level development using the single most ubiquitous program on the market… the Flash player.

CS3 is here now and we’re seeing the integration of Flash within CS3’s platform. I remembered the contacts and connections that were made in the meeting at Adobe in Manhattan, too. We were all different points of contact within the corporate and marketing structure for either IT or enterprise-level web innovations support.

I figured, why not see if they had anything to say to graduate students about their position within the marketplace, up and coming products or development platforms, etc. I remember the competitive advantage that I enjoyed because of TracyLocke’s involvement at that Adobe meeting. I could amaze and astound fellow techies at dinner parties and wilder gatherings by passing along the strategic vision that Adobe had shared with us back then, doing my mini-evangelist best to get Adobe’s word out.

I hope this all comes together. I’ll let everyone know in more detail as things pan out. I can’t imagine that there’d be opposition from the school, but then again, I’m a stranger here myself right now. There could be some very good reasons for not solidifying a relationship with Adobe. I’ll find out, and pass the word along.


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