Followup on the Adobe speaker idea

I spoke with Rich Hanley yesterday afternoon and floated the idea for the Adobe on-campus presentation by him. Thumbs up on the idea, but the logistics is going to be a bit tougher: Quinnipiac U. has a scarcity on available rooms and venues for this kind of presentation. So when I hear back from my contact at Adobe, I’ll let them know that we’re looking into things for the second or third week of February and see if that flies.

 Either way, it should be fun. I hope they can come on campus. Even better, we’re going to be approaching IT on campus and seeing about partnering with them in this matter, since Adobe counts as a vendor visit. It’ll be open to the undergrads as well, and should appeal to a fairly wide audience.

 Well, it’s good to have things underway in the planning stages for this, but it’s also somewhat of a relief not to have to kick things into overdrive in order to get it all arranged. I’m going to work to have everything confirmed and committed to by Thanksgiving Break, though, so I don’t have to worry about it during finals.


2 responses to “Followup on the Adobe speaker idea

  1. That would be really great if it worked out!

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