Placeholder for my post. I’m still trying to get the time to spend exploring the web to find some Mashups that are particular to my interests. I’ve got some ideas, but there just hasn’t been time to “surf” for me. I’ll tackle it tomorrow on my day off.

Technically “late” for the homework assignment, I hesitate to say that I’m really not motivated much by grades. But this ‘learning’ stuff is fun enough to make me do my homework even when my schedule hasn’t given me the time to do it properly.

At least I got my reaction paper done, though.


4 responses to “Mashups

  1. Not enough time to search the web? The great Adam has hit the wall?

  2. LOL
    You don’t get to be great by -attempting- to do the impossible, only by succeeding.

    Keep in mind, please, that all this time my desktop computer at home is broken and I have no way to access the internet from anywhere but on campus. So all of this has been done running back and forth from Stamford.

    I do admit, the Yom Kippur break coming up is going to help me get back on top of my workload. And soon I’ll be getting a new laptop, so I’ll finally be able to work from home.

    Remember too… I don’t watch TV much anymore, and I’ve made this all work by actually turning down certain freelance assignments when I needed to focus on school. “Poor” comes to mind even if “starving” doesn’t.

  3. You *better* care about grades. Otherwise, you’ll never get into grad school. Oh, wait…

  4. Busted, what can I say?

    With that said, I’ve decided I want to do a Mashup between the Council at Elrond soundtrack for Lord of the Rings and a scene from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, where the drag queens are out dancing to ‘I will survive’ among the aboriginal folks in the Outback. The link between them both is that the same actor who played Elrond also played one of the drag queens. It could take some splicing, but I think I could get the soundtrack to work.

    Fun fun.

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