Verifying your WordPress site with Google

There’s a good post on how to work around the ‘verify’ conundrum that happens with Google’s Webmaster Tools and the lack of control over uploading html or modifying meta tags.  Check it out. 

This is what was mentioned in last night’s 501 class for ‘listing your site’ with Google to increase buzz.


2 responses to “Verifying your WordPress site with Google

  1. Great info, there! I was actually thinking more of Google Analytics, which requires you to drop a snippet of code into your templates. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that makes Analytics unreachable for blogs.

  2. True, technically you can list your site with Google without the workaround, but in order to access the better Webmaster tools and site metrics tracking bits, you need to be able to ‘verify’ the site. I guess that’s to stop folks from posting their competition’s website URL and then having access to all the site metrics.

    Just a slight workaround issue. The ‘verify’ page title is a bit ugly, but for our purposes it opens up the Webmaster site metrics tools.

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