More on the White Paper

Since I’ve already stressed the importance of keeping up with the Annotated Bibliography portion of things as a way to collaborate and streamline a lot of effort, here’s a way to do so while using the tools available on the internet.


If you and your group members all have accounts, you can create a private ‘network’ through which you can share all of the web-related white paper URLs.

Even better, gives you the chance to actually annotate your bookmark as you add it, depending on the method you use for adding it to your group.

Example of

The ‘notes’ box is perfect for… well, annotations. Which is another way of saying ‘notes’.

Workflow Addendum

So now we have a tool that we can all use, free, to gather online sources and make annotations, and keep them all stored in a very accessible way. Since we can go into and later decide to share certain bookmarks with our network, I’d advise setting yourselves up on and breaking down the process of exploratory research into surfing & tagging, later reviewing & annotating, and then finally ‘network sharing’ for comments and further review.


One response to “More on the White Paper

  1. exploringinteractivecommunication

    That is a very interesting post. It is very helpful for the class. Thank you!

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