Cyberterrorism or Cybertruth?

A friend of mine told me that Ann Coulter’s website had been hacked, and he was kind enough (and thoughtful enough) to grab a screenshot of it for distribution among friends, since the sysadmins most likely will have taken it down by now. A second friend heard about the hack and tried to load the site, but her site seems to be getting swamped with tons of hits.

As part of a public service, and because I just happen to be researching Electronic Civil Disobedience and Cyberterrorism/Hacktivism, I do believe this is a very relevant post. I’m sure that her supporters will be trying to label this as Cyberterrorism, or some kind of vicious attack and disruption of service and threatening of livelihood. They were pretty happy when the Patriot Act went into effect, because it’s a legal workaround to bypass the little annoyances that crept into the US Constitution… you know, like the first 10 amendments. Now all you have to be guilty of is causing the “appearance of” intent to harm or intimidate. Basically, freedom of expression now lies in how your audience chooses to interpret what you say, not in what actual or real harm or damages were caused, nor the intent of posting. I believe it’s Section 802 of the USA PATRIOT act which establishes this. I’ll have to hunt down the link.

Anyway, I’m considering using that argument to press charges against the Religious Right and the neoConservative political agenda. Their websites are inflammatory and filled with hate speech that denigrates liberals. As a liberal, I feel that their speech patterns have the appearance of intimidation, which means that they are guilty of Domestic Terrorism by the definitions under the USA PATRIOT act.

So, here’s the screenshot. Let’s watch the fallout as the neoconservatives have a field day with this, taking all sorts of umbrage and once again feeling like they’re the only ones entitled to rights under the Constitution and the Bible itself.

An Open Letter to Readers


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