3D Printers and Fabricators

Last night we learned about a number of interesting factoids in our graduate intro class for Interactive Communications. One of them dealt with the concept of home-built 3D printers/fabrication devices (we were discussing the Gershenfeld book).

Here’s one that works off of sugar, from the Evil Mad Scientist Laboratory.

For those that don’t know about this stuff yet, the 3D Fabricators/Printers construct 3D objects based off of computerized models. You hit print, and out comes a 3 dimensional object, made by the 3D printer.

Yeah, kinda weird. Kinda neat. I’m not sure what good exactly they are yet, but there’s definitely some potential there, for art if not for anything else. Imagine… a whole generation of digital artist with no drafting skills able to cobble together a 3D model of a sculpture and ‘print’ it out.

Make your own toys, I suppose.

More as I get to it.


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