Just ran across another mention of Wikipedia as a controversial source of information on the web.

Yes, I’m prepared to accept that designation of it. But what Wikipedia really reflects is the Folkloric Encyclopedia. It’s put together and maintained by the common folk. This is folk knowledge, gathered in one place. Part of that folklore includes the knowledge of some scholarship basics, if not necessarily a strident adherence to the same.

Want to know what the village thinks? Check Wikipedia. Want to know the truth? Well, define ‘truth’ first, but if you’re looking for more scholarly sources, they exist, but they’re not Wikipedia.

However, Wikipedia is a great place to begin all searches from because it usually gives you a set of terms associated with the actual item you’re looking for. So first search Wikipedia to see what the community thinks, look at the words the community is using to describe whichever part of the subject you’re interested in, and then plug those terms into the search engines of choice.

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