Warming up to the cold semester

Yesterday, bored silly at work, I checked Blackboard for information on the two online courses I’m taking this semester, ICM522 Comm Media & Society, and ICM590 Collaborative Studio. Lo and behold, syllabi were posted as well as announcements from the professors.  Alex urged the ICM522 folks to begin working ahead. Oy. It might not be the new semester yet, but the warmup exercises have just begun.

This semester will be a very writing-intensive semester for me. It will also be collaboration-intensive as well. ICM522 is being offered with the seemingly Herculean task of having 20-some-odd grad students interacting only online produce a wiki-based ‘book’/’manuscript’ dealing with the role of the modern Professional Communicator within the changing model of how content is innovated, collaborated, produced, and distributed/shared. Should be challenging, and that means ultimately fun but first, frustrating as hell. 🙂

More Writing and Online Development

Last semester’s courses were all pretty well distant from each other subject-wise. This semester all of the courses I’m taking are complimentary and overlap in some way. ICM503 is Advanced Visual Aesthetics and deals with DHTML, XML, and using Creative to design web pages, then produce them ‘live’.  ICM506 is Writing for Online Media… another writing class, but one which I’m guessing will focus more on the journalistic bent than the scholarly one. ICM522 Comm Media & Society will be dealing with examining the role of the professional communicator and using scholarly writing in a wiki-based collaborative effort to produce a substantive manuscript… “writing for online media” applied, with the possible journalistic tone replaced by a more scholastic one.  ICM590’s Collaborative Studio works to develop online projects from concept to execution, requiring the writing skills, the collaborative skills, and the Advanced Visual Aesthetics skills.

This clustering of courses could be good, or bad. It’s definitely addressing a core competency for the professional field from several sides.  I’m looking forward to the writing practice and stylistic work. I’m also looking forward to getting back into some kind of a regular schedule.

 Also in search of…

…different employment.  But that’s nothing new.

With all of the collaboration efforts and writing efforts, this is the semester that I’ll be confronting my issues of working with others for grades head-on.

5 days to Spring Semester.

And counting.


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