Classes begin today

Technically they began Tuesday, with the two online courses starting up. But tonight begins the face to face stuff. I was going to go out and buy another 5-subject notebook for course notes this semester, but I still haven’t filled up the notebook from last semester. I’ll use the excess space I have from the classes that were notes-light last semester and port over to a new notebook later much.

Or I could just use one notebook and transpose the notes to Google Documents afterwards.

In any case,I’m trying to actually keep research notes as I go this semester. I’m trying to get into the habit of working online as much as possible, using Google Documents and Google Notes for right now until I find a different/better solution for collaboration online.

We’ll see how long all of this lasts. And for my ICM504 class, which is tonight, I’m going to try and keep the notes in a quad notebook (graph paper) for any layout sketches or work that needs to be done.


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