Blurred lines of communication

Blizzard crested 10 million players of Warcraft this week. Statistically still a small portion of the 6.5B people that are currently drawing breath, but it’s the leader of the pack when it comes to online entertainment right now. A phenomenon this large tends to have some spillover effects into general online culture. Witness the South Park episode featuring Warcraft from last season, for one. There were a couple of articles talking about how the folks who organize and coordinate Warcraft Guilds (Guild Leaders) are claiming those positions as accomplishments on their resumes because of the people-managing skills and communications skills it requires to organize a group of volunteer strangers to accomplish tasks and form social bonds.

 A birth announcement, Warcraft style

Speaking of Warcraft cultural bleedover, Guild leaders, and the population of the planet, the following is a birth announcement from the leader of my own guild, posted on the guild forums.  Emiraven is the guild leader for DIRE BEEF, one of the largest (and oldest continually running) Horde guilds on the Dark Iron server. Ashai is his real-life wife, and also a member of the guild.

“Alexander”, a lvl 1 Droolkin, has joined Emiraven and Ashai in their den in Azeroth.

Naturally, he’ll be playing Horde. He rolled with the following stats: Weight 7lbs, 9 oz, length 19.7 inches. Born 11:37pm Tuesday. No word on talent build yet; my plan is to powerlevel him but we’ll see.

The raid on the Labor Halls took 14 hours and a few tries, but eventually we downed the end boss. Drops to be linked later but I’ve read up and the loot table includes [Syrup-like Stools], [Endless Drool], and  [Cry of a Thousand Sleepless Nights].

If you don’t understand the slang… well, probably the most obtuse reference is to “the raid on the Labor Halls”. In the end of Warcraft, players gather in large groups to go and tackle certain dungeons and high-powered bad guys… called “bosses”, in order to get a chance at rare, legendary loot. The loot that the boss provides once the 10-, 25- or 40-person group defeats her is selected randomly, so everyone wants to know what loot the boss was carrying… what has ‘dropped’. The rest should be easier to figure out.

Congratulations to Ashai and Alexander, who participated, and Emiraven, who was a supportive spectator. 🙂 Blessings on ’em all, and wishes for a long and happy life for Alexander.


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