Bibliomancy meme

I’ve been hit with the latest version of a chain letter. Alex tagged me with the bibliomancy meme suggestion. ‘Grab the nearest book, open to page 123, count down to the 5th sentence, and then post the next three sentences’. Sort of like divination by random book opening. Well, actually, that’s exactly what bibliomancy is. For those who like free Bibliomancy readings at any time, check out They have runes and tarot and I ching an Biorhythms over there, too. Facade has been around since at least the late 90’s when I would waste time while working at IBM by surfing there, when surfing was new and the mp3 hadn’t been invented yet.

Anyhoo, here’s my bibliomancy meme.  I’m left handed and I sit by a bookshelf. First book that came to hand was The Technical Pen: Techniques for Artists by Gary Simmons (New York: Watson-Guptill Publications, 1992. Pg 123 exists with text. 5 lines down, the bibliomancy segment reads:

“Think of small lines like this as shapes and hatch them as such. Avoid drawing a solid line that cannot be integrated into the larger shapes later.

“The feathers on the goose’s back are very subtle. They look defined, but actually they are merely suggested in shape and in position. They tend to melt into a general shape at the chest and to disappear into the shadows on the back.”

I’ll have to edit this later to put in the folks I’m karmically engaging to provide their own bibliomancy meme post. For now, enjoy the mystic wisdom excerpted above.  Personally, I think the Flying Spaghetti Monster reveals his noodly wisdom above by trying to get us to live modular, open source lives between the transparent conglomeration of love in our hearts and the anonymity of obscurity in our proprietary past.

Om mani pad thai yum.


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