more WoW stuff

Screenshot of my UI b/c guildies were asking for it. Apropos of this site because these are fellow gamers all interested in a cooperative game and wondering what User-Interface each of us has developed through our own use of customization. Indeed, it’s very rare to find a player who has made it to the EndGame of WarCraft without customizing or (as in my own case) completely replaced the game’s Out of the Box User Interface.

General UI screenshotGeneral UI screenshot

Showing ports Showing ports

Basically I depend on Khaos/Cosmos suite of addons for the basic engine, most of which are not visible. Some of the Cosmos stuff I turn off because it interferes with my other addons.

TitanBar and all associated modules keeps a lot of dropdown menus and UI functionality (volume, time, fps, etc) in one place for me, and pulls it completely out of the normal viewing screen. I keep the bars packed with items and yet visually almost invisible.

Bongos is the addon that gives me access to all of my spells and special inventory gimmicks. That’s the bank of buttons in the bottom center. All of my normal stock-in-trade spells/game maneuvers are in the top bar, then on down to the less useful stuff. Same thing with potions and support items from inventory… those stay nearly invisible.  The standard UI interface for Bags and Keyring, as well as the buttons for Character/Talents/Spellbook/Friends/QuestLog, etc. are also shrunk, invis without rollover, and in the right bottom column. That right bar is for items I rarely use or need to use, including wand, mana regen, mana gems, shields, and mounts.

Omen Threat meter is required by the guild, so I use it to try and avoid pulling aggro. (I don’t always succeed, but I never claimed mad skillz, yo.)

Damage Meters for bragging rights, although playing a mage in WoW means that I’m billed as a heavy dps-class, yet I’m consistently at the bottom of other DPS classes, so it’s mostly a tribute to my own shortcomings. 🙂

And with this, Spring Break ends. Wah. Time to begin the last leg of this semester… the hectic phase.


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