After a moving experience, a return

In hindsight, moving during the middle of a semester might not have been the best of ideas. But the move is done. We’re in the new apartment, and even if everything is still in boxes and nowhere findable, it’s all here. Including the cats, who are adjusting.

Work begins to come in, and I find myself now (once again) behind in my schedule and preparing to race to catch up.

But I’m still here. This seems to be normal for grad students. And I can catch up, it’s just gonna suck doing so. But better to get back on top of things now than let the Finals rush hit while the mid-semester stretch is still in tatters.

Off to freelance at my old full time job… literally. Working this week at TracyLocke, for my old boss, in my old full time job’s capacity. Circles are fun, and this gives me a chance to reconnect there after 2 years away.


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