Semester finally ended for me.

I know that classes officially ended about a month ago, and I’ve had my grades then, but the breakneck pace of impossible workload and stress levels that I’ve been carrying around for a while have finally passed completely through. The move started it. Then coursework compounded it. Poverty exacerbated the issue, followed by frantic scrambling to come up with some form of income for subsistence. This actually landed me into a new job during finals prep, and that new job has sucked away every waking hour since my start date of April 28th.

New Job

I’ve been working as an Interactive Producer. Web-based Project Manager. I’ll leave the company name off, but suffice it to say that I was rather spoiled by the amount of business process which TracyLocke had already fleshed out even regarding the Interactive workflow… and they weren’t anywhere near where I would personally have liked to have been. Well, my current job puts TL’s level of togetherness in definite perspective.

As a condition of hire, I gave myself two weeks vacation that I am now on. I had a personal visit to Canada scheduled to come and see friends, and that’s right where I am. It took me a full weekend to get to the point where I could relax enough to realize that I’m on vacation, I don’t need to obsess about work, and the projects will either move forward or they’ll bog down, but for the next few days that’s not my concern.

Finally, some rest

So, from the weeks preceding the actual move to the new apartment back in March, until now, I’ve been feeling stretched well beyond capacity, forced to put up with impossible tasks, stressed out at unrealistic (and unwavering) deadlines, and come to realize just how insanely fast the rat race has become in the digital world. Ahhh…. rest.

I think I need to figure out a way to make haste slowly. I don’t get rushed well, I’ve noticed, because I’m already rather productive to begin with, and whips and screams don’t motivate me to overdeliver. In fact, as I’m getting older, I’m getting much more testy about such things and immediately push back to set expectations. Of course, I’m still in advertising, where “No” is not allowed, and so on it goes.

But not today. Not tonight. And not tomorrow.

Canada is rather lovely at this time of year.


One response to “Semester finally ended for me.

  1. Well, if you or anyone in your circle at school (or elsewhere) wants to move up to NNY, we’ve got a webmaster/designer position open.

    Probably start in the mid 40’s or so, but the cost of living (less gas and fuel oil) is still pretty low up here.

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