Tomorrow marks reentry

After 2 full weeks away, I go back tomorrow to the grind in my new job as an Interactive Producer. After a month on, then two weeks off, I wonder at what it is that I’ll return to find. Two of my three projects were in controlled explosion mode just before I left… we’ll see how it all nets out.

I’d like to get to some kind of a schedule with these projects. I’d like to not be running from emergency to emergency. I suppose a good portion of this is my own learning curve as I’m trying to settle into the role of Producer better. Who knows what I’ll find when I return, whether I’ll be seen with relief or else if the aggressors of the past will sense the momentary disorientation and weakness in the waters again and try to pounce.

I’m also back from Canada, which means that my summer homework begins. It’s time for me to figure out what it is I’ll be doing for my final project in the fall, and get any baseline research done for it. Since I’m being led gently to produce a website instead of a thesis (I really don’t want to be a designer of websites for a living, I really don’t) I can vary the topic pretty much without losing points, so to speak. I mean, I could just opt out and do a “portfolio” website, but I have to admit that the less coding and actual production work I do myself and the more I coordinate the efforts of others along those directions, the happier I am.

So it’s time to enjoy the last day of laziness, and get back into the swing of things for tomorrow bright and early.

If only the swimmer’s ear were fully healed up. It’s going to be a further sign of weakness in the shark pools of the office if I can only hear out of one ear. But that’s getting better too.


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