South Beach gone south. Do-over?

This time was particularly difficult for me on the South Beach diet. With extended houseguests, stress at work through the roof, difficulty sleeping, and betrayal by a so-called friend, it was easy to manage from the food point, but the stress just pushed the emotional buttons. ‘What’s eating you’ indeed.

Still, I’m going to be climbing back on the bandwagon (quick, before someone hitches me up in front of it) today. Back to induction phase. Again.

The thing that sucks royal ass about the diet is the time it takes to prepare anything for it. That and pepperoni pizza isn’t on the list of approved Phase 1 foods. Unfortunately, everything good for you takes time to make. And even with a loving and supportive partner at home willing to take care of the food prep most of the time, it’s still damned inconvenient and borders on an impediment to success. The time delay between hunger and satiation is too long, or you have to keep to a rigid schedule. I get to feeling guilty that food prep is relegated to my partner, and so I try to help as well, more often than not assisting with dishes and cleanup.

Makes me wish there were more healthy take-out options more readily available. Suburbia sucks for that. But then, with high food prices it would just make the check go faster.

Ah well. Back up onto the wagon. Back onto the program. I just wish that falling off didn’t taste so wonderful.


One response to “South Beach gone south. Do-over?

  1. This is totally off topic, but did you happen to notice how much the tuition went up at QU? Courses are now $730 per credit! Holy crap! I just hope and pray that I can get a decent paying job soon so that I’ll be able to pay back my loans. If not, I’ll just have to go to nursing school…. or something….

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