Capstone Project: Mount Rushmore

After a summer’s debate back and forth, my project has finally crystallized. I will be taking somewhat of a veering off from previously examined subject material and thoughts about what I want the Capstone -for-.

I will be using the controversy which surrounds Mount Rushmore as the topical material to develop a narrative website which will tie together my design skills, writing skills, planning skills, and … drumroll… actionscripting skills. Yeah, I’ve decided to let the ActionScript be the stretching point on the project. Totally selfish reasons, too. I want to develop those skills for myself so that I can produce my own websites in the future. Not that I want to find work as a web designer, because I truly don’t. But I want to be able to harness the relative ease of publication on the web for my own projects.

Not a bad overall goal for the Masters program. At least this way I’m motivated personally because this will help me gain confidence in future endeavors. It also gives me an excuse to buy lots of computer programming books, too. 🙂 Not that I needed an excuse.


Next semester starts Monday, so I’m actually right on time with all of this. Of course I had wanted to use the summer to get a head start, but then given how long it took me to actually settle on a project and work out the details, I think that I used the summer wisely enough.

My advisor will be David Maccarella, and I’m 2 signatures shy of full official acceptance of the project. David has asked for weekly journal postings, so that will be handled here under the Category of ‘Capstone’.

Now begins the project planning. As a working Interactive Producer, I have to say that my mind is immediately defaulting to the planning stages of Discovery, Definition, Design, Development, and Deployment. I’m going to write up a Scope of Work for the project as part of my overall Capstone documentation, too, which will come in handy at the end as a way to measure success benchmarks, too.

I’ll post the Scope of Work as a Page off of the GradIC blog, so stay tuned.

Oh, and if anyone has *any* kind of photos or videos or clips from or about Mount Rushmore, I’d really appreciate it if they could forward them on to me with permission to use ’em. (*grin*) Hey, it doesn’t hurt to try.


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