Thesis: Starting the research

The problem with doing up such a wonderful project plan is that it quickly becomes apparent when you’re lagging behind. (I suppose that’s the point of a plan in the first place, eh?)

This is technically week 3 I’m in, and I still have yet to source the hosting for the site and determine the site’s name. These are things that can be done later, but I just need to make sure that wherever I end up parking this it will be able to stand for a year and it will be able to host the flash media that I need. I’m hoping to get all the hosting for as little as I possibly can, truth be told.

I was also supposed to have a fully fleshed-out timeline and all of my research done. I’m getting there. I’m using the Firefox plugin called Zotero. What a fantastic tool that is. I’m loving it. I highly recommend it for any scholars out there, or even just folks who like to take notes online about different websites. How the hell did I do any work of consequence in my undergraduate days without tools like this? How the hell did we do it without Google?

Interactive Narratives to Compare With

The one thing that’s been kind of cool, though, is that I’ve also been told where to find the online narrative collection by Richard Hanley. This is the kind of thing that I’ll be putting together, all about Mount Rushmore.

And the really cool thing is that after taking a look at some of the stuff that’s gotten done I really think that this can end up pretty cool. I’ve been finding some great quotes that will work well in crossfades. I’m thinking that I might want the entry to be very patriotic looking, showing the grandeur of Mt R, and then showing closeups of each of the Presidents on the Mount, and run their historic quotes about how they want to annhilate Native Americans. Kind of puts it all into perspective.

Oh, and the cool thing that I found out today in my research (well, cool as in ‘wow that’s an interesting tidbit’, because it’s actually really so very -not- cool in reality) is that the legal case of the Lakota claims on the Black Hills is the longest continually running legal dispute in the US history. It’s still ongoing, which is something I did not know.

Lots of opportunity for education here. I’m actually pretty partial to the Native American cause. I’m going to be pretty careful with my research, though, because a lot of the information which is out there on the net doesn’t seem to be citing and sources, and there’s minor disagreements about different aspects of things. If I present a biased story, that’s fine so long as I keep it factual and cite my sources.


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  1. Do you need a domain? Just a user account? A wordpress blog? Whatchaneed bro? Let me know backchannel.

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