Thesis: Timeline done!

I feel like shouting in Japanese like Hiro Nakamura from Heroes. Last night my Timeline, the behemoth of my thesis, was finished in terms of populating content and coding and testing on all three platforms… Firefox (which you code in, because it alone is standards compliant), Internet Explorer 7.0, and Safari.

The significance of completing my Timeline is that this piece, although only one “section” of my website, included 30+ sub-section pages each with a unique design and historical content which had to be researched, written, and condensed.

Next Steps

Today’s task, then, is to use the free afternoon (half day from work) and begin writing the short essays for the rest of the site. That and assemble the short list of portraits and biographical information for the “Who’s Who’ section of the site. Tomorrow morning in the wee hours while trekking to Washington, DC for the Holiday, will be my time to generate the design for it… basing it off of the Timeline graphics frame design, but with tweaks… to keep it consistent visually throughout the site.

I am rather done with the subject of Mount Rushmore, thanks. 🙂  But I would have gotten to the point of disgust and distate over any subject after working with it so long and so in-depth.

At the very least, my site will fill a niche in that there are websites out there which talk about the patriotic aspect of Rushmore, sites which talk about the historical aspects of Rushmore, and sites which talk about the controversy of Rushmore, but nothing that I’ve found which brings all three together into a single website.

One and a half weeks and counting… AND on schedule!


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