Thesis: Only the homepage left.

All of the rest of the site and content has been completed for the thesis project, including the basic bibliography. Now I just need to bang out the design of the home page. It may seem counterintuitive to have the homepage be the last piece, but for my site design it’s more of a gateway/portal to the contents of the site than it serves as a real destination page itself.

The Bibliography, Too

The other piece that can stand some extra work is the bibliography section. It serves a basic purpose in that it’s got all of my sources, and they’re all hyperlinked too. All 98 of them. But I’d like to add functionality. As I go through and do the proofreading for each page, I’m going to make certain to not just link to the Bibliography page for each of the sources, but drop to the in-page anchor tag so you end up (more or less) looking at the source quoted.

The other change that I’d like to make to the Bibliography is to add a second section which contains thumbnails of the Images used from other sites, hyperlinking each of them to their home websites, and listing whether it is pulled from the Creative Commons (in which case it will be attributed and marked with the Creative Commons terms of use specific to each image), Public Domain, or as part of Fair Use.

The One Regret

My one real regret for the entire site is that I didn’t manage to do any of the Flash work. But in reality, the content that I’ve assembled is in itself a large achievement. While American History and the handling of Mount Rushmore itself hasn’t been exactly ‘core’ to the program, the creation of an HTML destination site with sufficient content to stand on its own is certainly demonstrative of Interactive Communications. It’s an odd field, really, since it focuses on the ‘how’ and not too much on the ‘what’. So in that way, the ‘what’ becomes the vehicle for evaluation of the ‘how’.

Yeah, makes my head hurt too.

Still, I’m not all that well versed in Flash, while I certainly am better versed in doing in-depth research and writing about it. Maybe I should have paid more attention to the journalism side of the equation.

Too late now. I’m just overjoyed that I’ve got the damned thing written and (save the homepage) done. And I’m happier still to find out that my Developing Content for Mobile Media final project isn’t due until December 12th, not December 6th. Which gives me one whole extra week to finish -that- up. AND clears the way for me to finish up everything else with less stress. Not completely stress-free, just less. And that I will certainly take.


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