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2011 Check In

Keeping this minimal, but I wanted to at least nod to this last year in review. I feel like I’ve come full circle once again, since this past semester I taught ICM590: Project Planning, as an online core required course at Quinnipiac University as an adjunct professor. Nothing brings fresh perspective like teaching a new course or a new subject… or teaching something within a formal framework to begin with. I liked the experience overall, though I’d change plenty about course structures and expectations and … well, I’d tinker, because I see what worked and what didn’t, and how to use the online medium in better ways for my students and myself alike.

I started 2011 in one full time gig whose pipeline went south by September due to some very questionable business decisions by senior management. The followup gig I landed a week after giving notice at the first. It was an odd fit, but there was promise… so I signed on full time… and then the oddness turned weird and it was a quicksand slow sink from there until December when I excused myself and pointed out the elephant in the room, I was a bad fit for the culture of the company. Loved a lot of the team, but the timing was off.

So I took December off. For two years now I’ve been handling a NYC commute which adds 4-5 hours to my days. It means all I did was work. I don’t recommend it to anyone, but we do what we have to do to make ends meet sometimes.

Truth be told, the ICM still continues to let me lead a charmed existence. True, I bring a lot of my own experience to the table already, the Master’s just helped to finish out everything and tie up the knowledge into a more focused tool set. Street cred doesn’t hurt either.  I think it’s a sign of our times. The economy is struggling because the older mindset (I don’t say the people are necessarily older, just the older business mindset) is still holding the majority rule, although year by year interactive thinking is gaining in numbers. But we’re not yet at the tipping point.

2011 helped me to figure out what I want as a professional. My dream job is to work for a boutique agency or client-side but in a department with a decidedly agency feel to it, even though it’s internal to a larger company. And I think it’s time to move from Project Management to Strategy.

Fingers crossed. I think I can make it happen. I know that I’m tired of chasing everyone else for their deliverables. As a Digital Strategist I can start following market research and applying my ICM knowledge about digital communications theory and history to help turn research into insights, and insights into strategic recommendations of options for the client to choose from. Having years of agency experience as a Project Manager only helps my applications, because I can make recommendations for project deliverables as a Strategist knowing full well what should be involved in making them.

It just feels like the logical next step.


And that’s 2011 in review, and my hopes for 2012. Happy New Year.