Crazy, I know, but on top of coursework and freelance design gigs during the workday, I’m also taking on a Graduate Assistantship. It means that I’m now at the disposal of the department’s needs for various things. 10 hours of work a week, and what makes me an attractive candidate for them is that I come to them already a professional graphic designer. Don’t think they aren’t already putting me to work in that capacity, either, because they are.

But despite it all, it feels actually fun. I’m happy to have skills that can be useful to the department, and I’m happy to receive the three free credits a semester to help alleviate some financial stress. But this is such a great investment. So worthwhile. Who knew I’d ever follow my geek heart and end up becoming relevant to a hot new career field? Well, an older one, but this kind of preparation is invaluable.

Of course, it’s all in what you do with it. And even if I’m just designing the posters and brochures for the work of the other professors, I’m still involved with it creatively. 🙂 Nothing like also extending my assistantship term of service to future credits associated with the academic community, either.

Makes me wonder idly whether it would be worthwhile to continue on for a PhD in any kind of professional sense in this, and just what course of study that would be. Well, something for later consideration. Let’s make it through the first semester first, and see how my enthusiasm withstands the harsh reality of grades and performance measures like papers.


2 responses to “Assistantship

  1. Wow. My hats off to you Adam. I’m just starting to get organized for school alone.

  2. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you a) give up TV at home, and b) have come to the point in your life where 5 hours sleep is enough. I’m managing by knowing when to take breaks. Like how I blocked out today in my freelance schedule to allow me to be on campus all afternoon getting work done.

    It’s all scheduling, knowing your limitations, and praying for decent traffic. Had to laugh… one student coming from Mass to classes said they had an hour and ten minute commute. I’m coming from Bridgeport or Stamford, depending on the day, and that commute runs me between an hour and half and two and a half hours during rush hour.

    Gotta love Connecticut traffic.

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